An Invitation to Find Purpose and Hope

Jesus and child

We invite you to meet Jesus


The topic of spirituality is a hot one in today’s culture. Many people are seeking to know the meaning of life, and their purpose for existence. What’s it all about, anyway?

Did you know that each of us was created by a loving God who has a definite purpose for our existence? He knew from the beginning that we would turn away from Him and attempt to take care of ourselves by our own strength. He also knew we would fail.

But because of His love, He sent Jesus to rescue us from missing the mark – His only Son. Jesus, who is equal with His father, lived a life without sin so that He could sacrifice that perfect life to pay for our sins. He willingly died on a cross as the only acceptable payment for sin.

We learn from the Bible that God loved the world…so He gave. Our part is to accept that gift which was given to us personally, to pay for our sin. By faith, we can accept the grace that God extended to us when we ask Jesus to come in and save us, to heal us from the effects of sin. The indication to others that we have taken this step is witnessed by the life we live afterwards.

Many people today claim to be Christians, but it is only evidenced in those who are followers of Christ. He calls us His disciples. That indicates that we are students of Christ, ever learning of Him and of how to live our lives in a way that glorifies God.

No one can come to Christ unless the Holy Spirit calls them. Is God calling you now? Do you feel an emptiness and longing in your heart for something more? Are you wondering if all this is true and if God really loves you for yourself? If you have these questions, just speak to Jesus and tell Him you want to know Who He is. Tell him you are willing to believe if He will reveal Himself to you.

You may contact us by clicking here. We also recommend that you find a nearby church that believes and teaches the Bible as the Word of God. The Lord will direct your steps as you set out on His path.

Jesus loves you.